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Food, glorious food. The smell makes your mouth salivate and the taste puts you in a whole new plane of existence.

At Image Solutions Photography and Design, we love food, but even more we love being a food photographer. Mostly being a  food photographer comes from the various function that we do, but there has been the occasional setup needed for specific food photography.

Our approach to food (apart from wanting to eat it) is detail. Food has always been an artform. Nowadays even more than before. We as consumers have grown tired of the bigger is better attitude towards food. I guess we all want to call ourselves sophisticated, and therefore wish to be associated with sophistication. What better way than to do fine dining and masterful pieces of art on your plate.

As painters use their brush to create art, so do chefs use their hands and the earths bounty to create masterpieces for our enjoyment.

As a food photographer is about being an artform, the marriage of the two makes for a culmination that is hard to resist. That is what Image Solutions Photography and Design strives for. To make food photography look so good, you almost want to eat the page!


Food photography has to always be done in natural light. Using flash really takes away from the image. There are unfortunately cases (especially during functions), where natural light is far from available. In those cases, the client still wishes to see the food and a flash has to be used. The natural light option is of course the only truly acceptable option and most of my images will be just that.

Food styling is of course another approach, yet more often than not, the style of the food to be photographed is done by the chef as he or she had their own vision with the food. Who am I to tell them different. There are of course other factors such as wine and glasses and table settings that need attention.

You will not be disappointed by the style and depth of the type of food photography that Image Solutions Photography and Design can bring you.

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