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My name is Nico Grundlingh. A photographer at heart. A true South African and for the majority of my life, a true Stellenbosch boy.

I always find it interesting to look back at my life and see what has happened. I remember starting out in the photography industry shortly after school in 1997 more as a in-between job. My twin brother Werner (yes, I am a twin) worked at this photo lab in town and he suggested that I work there too. The place that I had been working at went bust and I was looking for something to do.  I applied and my first photo job was behind the counter in the busiest photo lab in Stellenbosch called Fotofast. It was there that I learnt the intricacies of working behind the scenes and “understanding” how photography works. Making the images that the professional photographers would bring in. Developing the slides and seeing what they were doing. Talking to the photographers and listening closely. I soon climbed the ladder of the company and ended up helping the company making the transition between analog (film) to digital photography.

Times changed, owners changed, feelings changed, and I was offered the opportunity to open my own photo lab with a business partner. It was a wonderful opportunity that I could not give up and so Superfoto Photographic was born. We started small, but grew in leaps and bounds. Perhaps due to me being too young at the time (24) or just plain adventurous (hindsight is always 20/20), so I decided to leave the company and take on the big world out there.

My life turned to travelling and working on huge commercial cruise ships. From a visual perspective, travelling to a different country every day and seeing different things was a visual sensation that was hard to ignore. It made me appreciate the smaller things in life and while travelling I started to focus being a photographer while indulging in beautiful landscapes and cultural differences. I feel that those years onboard ships made me a better photographer not only in the understanding of different lighting techniques and studio work, but also to understand people better. You have to understand that working in “close quarters” with different nationalities can be challenging enough, especially for long periods of time. The other thing to keep in mind is the respect for different cultures when you go to those countries. As luck would have it, I managed to travel to over 120 countries and hopefully the list will keep growing. They say if the travel bug gets you, you can never get rid of it.

I met my wife Talia Schutte while working on a cruise ship and we started dating. It was wonderful meeting someone as awesome as Talia with the same language and background as myself. It was truly meant to be.

After 9 years coming back to South Africa, it was time to start being serious about life and being a photographer. I married Talia on a glorious day in March 2012. A perfect day filled with fun and laughter. My need for photography and design was an urge I could not ignore, and that is were Image Solutions Photography and Design comes into the picture. My love for photography has only been equaled by my love for graphic design (apart from my wife) so I was looking for a space to fit in what I have accumulated over the years. It just so happened that a chance came into my lap to take over an existing business and grow it to its full potential. I am not there yet, but all good things come to those who wait.

I look forward to meeting you in person and to be able to provide you with the images you know you want and to also perhaps walk the road with you to grow your business through the visual art of photography and design.

Take a look at all that Image Solutions Photography and Design has to offer for you as an individual or a business. Hopefully you like what you see.