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Graceland School Community Outreach

Graceland School Community Outreach

Image Solutions Photography and Design was asked to be the photographer at the Graceland School for kids during a community outreach sponsored by Distell.

I must admit that I have always loved taking pictures of children. I find their innocence so enduring and their smiles always shoots straight through my heart. This was again the feeling I received from the first moment I entered the school yard. From a distance I could hear the children shout “uncle” as they saw me approaching. These kids were awesome. That wonderful unconditional love a child as they hug your legs and want to be with you is something that is very hard to ignore and even more difficult to walk away from at the end of the shoot. Being the photographer for the outreach was indeed a privilege and I will most definitely be returning to the school for some more charity work in the near future.

Simoné Van Der Berg, the project manager, was so wonderful with the children and so understanding that she left a lasting impression with me. Thanks goes out to Wendy Bonthuys from Distell for contacting Image Solutions Photography and Design to be the photographer for the community outreach as it was indeed an honour being there.

Nico Grundlingh (photographer Stellenbosch)


Simone - I absolutely love the photographs of my children. It was such a pleasure to have you a Graceland and we can’t wait for you to come back. Well done on the photographs Nico!!! An a BIG thank you to Distell for always blessing our beautiful children.

Image Solutions Photography and Design - It was my pleasure indeed Simone to be able to photograph the children. They made my day and filled it with love.

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