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Chateau Libertas Tabernakel Wine Tasting

Chateau Libertas Tabernakel Wine Tasting

Chateau Libertas wines took the rare opportunity to sample some of the old wines and Image Solutions Photography and Design was tasked to be the function photographer for the big opening.

Chateau Libertas keeps all their very rare age old wines at the Tabernakel. It could be considered a deposit for all the fine old wines that Distell produces or has received as donation over the years. It is a temperature controlled crypt to ensure the lifespan of the wines stores there.

The wines that were tasted today was the very rare old Chateau Libertas wines some dating back to 1932 to see how these wines have held up against the years.

As function photographer, this was a rare privilege not be missed. To have some of the original wine makers there present and being able to tell us what was done back then when they were bottled was indeed an amazing experience.

Being the function photographer for the big opening, was great because it allowed me to capture the moments as these fine old wines were opened and tasted for the first time in more than 60 years!

Thanks goes out to Marlise Potgieter from DKC (De Kock Communications) for contacting Image Solutions Photography and Design to be the function photographer for this once in a lifetime occasion.


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