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Farah & Ibrahim Dollie Post Wedding Shoot

Farah & Ibrahim Dollie Post Wedding Shoot

What an extreme pleasure it was to be able to photograph Farah & Ibrahim for their post wedding photo shoot. As a photographer, I knew from the day Farah contacted me that it would be a blast. Farah approached me to be the photographer after being given my details by one of my clients. I could just see the shoot unfold before my eyes when we spoke on the phone.

Her enthusiasm is intoxicating and it made for a really fun shoot as a photographer. Farah and Ibrahim were quite specific about their choice of location as we started at their favourite park in the Strand and made our way towards Bikini Beach in Gordons Bay.

It was indeed a perfect sunset on the beach affording us some wonderful moments of light. The beach was deserted as well making it even better for them to just relax and be with each other.

Nico Gründlingh (Photographer & Blogger)


Salma Levy - Nico…Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!you portrarayed our images MORE than we hoped for,from day one you were truly kind,extremely accomodating,friendly,and an ABSOLUTE pleasure to meet….you went MORE than the extra mile….even now AFTER the shoot you still do….once again THANK YOU-kind regards and best wishes for your business and any future endeavours-Mr & Mrs Dollie

faranaaz Dollie - NICO….THANK YOU! The feeling is mutual,from day one you were extremely kind and accommodating….you portrayed our images BETTER than we hoped for…you made it extremely fun and you an absolute pleasure to work with and will DEFINITELY ONLY be uusing YOU as our photograher for ANY future events….may your business grow and prosper from strength to strength and remain as humble as you are!best wishes and kind regards-Mr & Mrs Dollie

nazrina joosub - Wow. Absolutely stunning. Farah u r gorgeous.

imtiyaaz - My Mom is the most beautiful woman in this world and my Father (Abi) the best partner for my mom,they are my inspiration.may their love for each other grow and never fade and always be blessed.I love you both very much,with lotsa love,your son Imtiyaaz

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Stellenbosch Heritage Festival

Stellenbosch Heritage Festival

Stellenbosch held their annual Heritage Festival on the 24th of September 2013. This had been the second year that a concerted effort was placed on the festival and to push the celebration by combining the different regions of the Stellenbosch Municipality and their respective residents. As a photographer from Stellenbosch, I felt it my duty to offer my services with regards to documenting the atmosphere surrounding the festivities and to capture some rare moments as the the town heritage made history.

As a photographer, it was indeed a privilege to be part of such a wonderful effort to bring communities together. Our future lies hand in hand with our heritage, Stellenbosch is paving the way towards social coherence and true bridge building.

There were indeed too many events happening throughout the entire festival that it would be difficult to mention them all, but at least here you will see a small selection of some of the events that took place.

As owner of Image Solutions Photography and Design, I would just like to thank all those who made the day and the days surrounding the festival an unforgettable success. Here is to another year with many more to go!

Nico Grundlingh (Photographer, Graphic Designer and Blogger)


Pieter Venter - FANTASTIC – reflects the festive atmosphere and how special Stellenbosch and ALL its people are

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