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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Nederburg Wine Maker Günter Brözel Honoured

Nederburg Wine Maker Günter Brözel Honoured

Previous Nederburg wine maker Gunter was honoured recently with his own wine and Image Solutions Photography and Design was asked to be the function photographer for the day.

Günter Brözel, former cellar master of Nederburg wines was paramount to the creation of wines at Nederburg and it comes as now surprise that he is honoured with a wine names after him. The “Motorcycle Marvel” is names after Günter for the fact that he always used to ride his motorcycle through the vineyards to see if everything was still in order.

As function photographer, this was a special privilege to me. Not only was it a surprise for him to see the design of the new wine, but also because someone like Günter has a lifetime of stories to tell which I adore. Being the function photographer was indeed an honor much like it must have felt for Günter to be honoured with his own label.

They even managed to track down the same type of motorcycle that he used to own and he was transformed back to the olden days when he sat on the bike!

Thanks goes out to Marlise Potgieter from DKC (De Kock Communications) for organising the event and asking Image Solutions Photography and Design to be the function photographer for the event.

Nico Grundlingh (Photographer)


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Bunnahabhain Whisky Function Five Flies Restaurant

Bunnahabhain Whisky Function Five Flies Restaurant

Bunnahabhain Whiskey held a media tasting event at the Five Flies Restaurant and Image Solutions Photography and DEsign was asked to be the function photographer for the event.

Bunnahabhain Whisky is perhaps a less known whisky, but is equal in perfection to some of the more well known names out there. The Bunnahabhain Distillery (pronounced Boon-a-havn and meaning rivermouth in Gaelic) was built in 1881 on the north-eastern tip of the enchanting isle of Islay. It was incorporated in 1882 by the Islay Distillery Co. and then later merged with Wm. Grant & Co. to form Highland Distillers. Burn Stewart Distillers Ltd. acquired Bunnahabhain and the distillery in 2003.

As function photographer, this function had a special feeling to it as the setting was in the heart of the old Cape Town district with the restaurant reflecting that old feel similar to the whisky. Being the function photographer allowed me to capture the style of the function as well as the amazement of the media in knowing that Bunnahabhain Whisky is a great contender for the whisky cabinet.

Thanks goes out to Marlise Potgieter from DKC (De Kock Communications) for having Image Solutions Photography and Design be the function photographer for the day.


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GMP Mining Jamboree 2012

GMP Mining Jamboree 2012

GMP Mining Securities in partnership with Clinical Meetings contacted Image Solutions Photography and Design to be the conference photographer for their annual mining jamboree held at the Arabella Hotel and Spa in Kleinmond recently.

The mining jamboree is focused at leading mining CEO’s and companies in the mining industry to connect with others in the industry and discuss possible futures.

As conference photographer, I always find such events extremely fascinating and interesting. As someone who knows very little about the mining industry, there is much to learn!

Clinical Meetings, under the direction of Saul Shanagher had the entire weekend organised and spared no expense and as the conference photographer they helped me all the way. Festivities were ample with everything from fire dancers to stilt walkers. The atmosphere in the evenings was like a carnival with delicious foods and drinks with no end. The guests could truly escape the hard work of the day with a relaxing time catching up with collegues and at the same time be impressed with the entertainment.

Over the course of the two days, the schedule and program was jam packed, but all worked out well under the guidance of Saul Shanagher. Tony Blair even made a surprise visit all the way from England!

Thanks again to Clinical Meetings for contacting mage Solutions Photography and Design to be the conference photographer for this amazing event.


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